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Canada: its political past, present and probable future, an essay
Lake Horicon, (Lake George), Lake Champlain, Montreal and Quebec, with map and table of distances
Testimonials of the Rev. John Ambery, M.A., exhibitioner of Manchester Grammar School, exhibitioner on the Hulmian Foundation, and scholar of Brasenose College, Oxford, professor of classics in the University of Trinity College, Toronto
Report, vindicating the Toronto Board of School Trustees from the attack of the Chief Superintendent, Dr. Ryerson, in his 'Special Report' submitted to the Legislature May, 1858
Toronto: the grounds upon which are based her claims to be the seat of government of Canada; with A memorandum addressed by Sir Francis Bond Head, Bart., to the Secretary of State for the Colonies, on the subject
Labour's political economy; or, The tariff question considered. To which is added the report of the public meeting of delegates, held in Toronto on the 14th April, 1858.  Published by the 'Association for the Promotion of Canadian Industry'.
General rules and orders of the Surrogate Courts, Upper Canada, as directed by the judges appointed under the 14th sec., Surrogate Courts Act, 1858, including rules as to guardianships, under 8 Geo. IV., cap. 6, forms, table of fees, &c
Report on Canadian graptolites / by James Hall, Esq., of Albany. Extracted from Sir William E. Logan's Report of progress for 1857
A report on New-Brunswick railways, to the Chamber of Commerce, St. John, New-Brunswick
Tableau historique des progres materiels et intellectuels du Canada
Bibliotheque canadienne; ou, Annales bibliographiques
Lettres pastorales de Mgr. l'eveque de Montreal contre les erreurs du temps : (en date du 10 mars 1858) : sur l'Institut canadien et les mauvais livres (en date du 30 avril 1858) : sur les mauvais journaux (en date du 31 mai 1858).
Report of the public meeting of delegates from various parts of Canada, held in the St. Lawrence Hall, Toronto, on Wednesday, the 14th of April, 1858, and Proceedings of the 'Association for the Promotion of Canadian Industry'.
Branigan's chronicles and curiosities
Official regulations in regard to religious instruction in the schools
The 97th anniversary of the landing of the first English settlers of Yarmouth : (9th June, 1761, ) will be celebrated this day!
The Hudson's Bay Company having occasion for about 60 or 70 additional labourers and mechanics for the service of their establishments in North America, hereby intimate that they are prepared to give engagements to able-bodied men ...
Grand banquet to the members of the late Brown-Dorion Ministry, at the Royal Hotel, on Thursday, Sept'r 23, 1858, at six o'clock, p.m
Le Comite St. Jean-Baptiste. 9 juin, 1858