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Aesthetic criticism in Canada : its aims, methods and status : being a short propaedeutic to the appreciation of the fine arts and the writing of criticism on literature, painting and dramatic and musical performances / by J.D. Logan
Canada's champion regimental band, a critical study of the musicianship of the band of the 85th Overseas Battalion, C.E.F., Nova Scotia Highlanders, an essay in the appreciation of martial and of concert music
Love's pilgrim : a new vision of love among the ruins : being the pathetic story of an obscure and forlorn emigrant poet, and of the strange recovery of the most poignantly beautiful love lyric in Canadian poetry / first recounted by John Daniel Logan
The inn at the end of the world : prelude and victors' chant to 'Songs of the happy highway' : with an Essay on G.K. Chesterton's apostolate of laughter; and on courage and serenity in modern English literature / by J.D. Logan ; cover design by D. John Ma
Little Bell biographies of master musicians
The new Apocalypse and other poems of days and deeds in France : with an essay in paradox entitled The new atonement of the living dead / by John Daniel Logan
Marjorie Pickthall, her poetic genius and art : an appreciation and an analysis of aesthetic paradox / by J.D. Logan
Christobel : a trifoliate coronal of sonnets to the ideal incarnate / by Aloysius Novicius ; with a prefatory note on poetry as ecstasy