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Melbourne roofing slate : evidence respecting its quality and adaptation to the climate of Canada
Dr. Ryerson's defence: Educational Department. Fifth and last paper
Circulaire aux communautes
The day of judgment and other poems, translated from the Gaelic of Dugald Buchannan, and Peter Grant, by Hugh M'Coll; to which is prefixed, A sketch of the life of Dugald Buchannan, compiled from his Autobiography
Report in the matter of the division and adjustment of the debts and assets of Upper Canada and Lower Canada, under the 142nd section of the British North America Act, 1867.  Opinion and judgment of the arbitrator appointed by the government of Quebec, wi
Abuse of justice
Press poem / by D. Wylie ; read at the annual meeting of the Canadian Press Association, held at Brantford, July 19, 1870
Battle and massacre at Frenchtown, Michigan, January, 1813 / by Thomas P. Dudley, one of the survivors
Mr. Haliburton's speech on the young men of the new Dominion; from the Ottawa Citizen, January 27, 1870
Benefit of Mr. A.D. Holman, Wednesday evening, April 20th, 1870
Description of the various systems of wooden railways, in connection with the report of the special committee named by the Toronto legislature, to investigate and enquire into their usefulness and cost for colonization purposes, with woodcuts
The Red River expedition
Oswald Grey, the child of genius and of fate, a new poem
Facts for the information of intending emmigrants [sic] about the Province of New Brunswick. Prepared under directions of the provincial government
Science education abroad, a lecture; being the annual university lecture of the session 1870-71, delivered in the William Molson Hall, Nov. 18, 1870
The Catholic religious corporations of the City of Quebec. Translated from the French
Reasons for Methodist belief and practice relative to water baptism