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Speech of Mr. R. L. Borden, M.P. on the budget, House of Commons, April 17, 1903
Debate on the Address, November 21st, 1910. The first day of the debate on the address in reply to the speech from the Throne, Mr. R. L. Borden dealt with several important subjects
Extension of the term of parliament; speeches delivered by Sir Robert Laird Borden and Dr. Michael Clark in the House of Commons, July 17, 1917
Canada at war, a speech delivered by Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Laird Borden in the House of Commons introducing the Military Service Bill, June 11, 1917
The Liberal-Conservative platform as laid down by R. L. Borden, M.P., opposition leader, at Halifax, August 20th, 1907
Manifeste au peuple canadien
Manifesto to the Canadian people
Manifestos, 1916-17
The Naval Aid Bill, speech delivered ... 5th December, 1912
Splendid record of the Borden Government. Remarkable achievements of the Conservative Administration during the past two years. Statesmanlike speech of the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. R.L. Borden, at Halifax, Sept. 16, 1913. Naval policy clearly defined as