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Speech on the South African war; Canadian intervention, &c. Ottawa, Tuesday, March 12, 1901
Speech on the Lord's Day bill. Ottawa, Friday, July 6, 1906
Speech on the address. Ottawa, Monday, November 26, 1906
Speech on the address. Ottawa, Wednesday, 29th March, 1899
Speech on provincial government in the north-west. Ottawa, Tuesday, March 28, 1905
Speech of J.H.N. Bourassa on the Manitoba school question. Ottawa, Thursday, 12th May, 1898
Organisation provinciale du nord-ouest; discours. Traduit de l'anglais. Ottawa, mardi, 28 mars 1905
Independence or imperial partnership? A study of The problem of the Commonwealth by Mr. Lionel Curtis
Honnetes ou canailles? conference donnee a Montreal, sous les auspices des Voyageurs catholiques de commerce (section Mont-Royal) le 4 mars, 1932
Henri Bourassa expose une des consequences de la guerre totale en repondant a la question: 'Que seront nos enfants'? Texte stenographie de la conference que Henri Bourassa a prononcee au Plateau a Montreal, le 10 fevrier, 1943 sous les auspices
French and English, frictions and misunderstandings; a few reflections a propos of the mayoralty contest. With preface-letters from Mr. C.-H. Cahan, K.C. and Mr. J.-C. Walsh
Discours sur le bill du dimanche. Traduit de l'anglais. Ottawa, vendredi, 6 juillet 1906
Discours sur la guerre du Sud-Africain; intervention du Canada. Ottawa, mardi, le 12 mars 1901
La conscription
La Conference imperiale et le role de M. Laurier
Bonne entente; a word of cordial welcome and friendly explanation to our visitors
L'affaire de Providence et la crise religieuse en Nouvelle-Angleterre