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Sheʼelot u-teshuvot
Samaritan Pentateuch
La pucelle d'Orléans : poëme héroicomique
Here begynneth the prohemye vpon the reducynge, both out of latyn as of frensshe in to our englyssh tongue, of the polytyque book named Tullius de senectute
Cy commence le volume intitule le recueil des histoires de troyes
Missale Romanum
Weston's short-hand
Ḥayrat ül-envār
Sefer Mitsṿot gadol
The Qur'an
Ḥidushe R. ʻAkiva Eger ʻal masekhet Gitin
Horae: Dutch Book of Hours
Seder tefilot ha-shanah le-minhag ḳehilot Romanya
Edith Leckie Diary [Manuscript], 1914-1915
Boxed collection of Richardson family WWI letters
49.093 - Who Bides his Time by James Whitcomb Riley


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