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Speeches on the Finance Bill [Corn Tax], on the 9th and 10th of June, 1902
Speech (by Mr. Blake, M.P., 13t h March, 1902) on supply - civil service estimates: (Irish situation)
The Orange association unmasked. Mr. Blake's great speech in the House of Commons, March 17, 1884
Speech ... on the Orange Incorporation Bill, 17th March, 1884
[Speech given at the] Young Men's Reform Club banquet in honour of Hon. E. Blake, M.P. at the Windsor Hotel, Montreal, Tuesday, 29th March, 1881
Official report of the speech delivered by Hon. Edward Blake ... on the Irish Question, House of Commons, April 20th, 1882
The Ontario insolvency case in the Privy Council ... 1893 ... the Attorney-General of Ontario vs. the Attorney-General of Canada ... Argument of Mr. Blake for the appellant
Speech in connection with the Frome Division Liberal Association, and in supporting a resolution of confidence in Mr. Gladstone's government, at the Guildhall, Bath, January 27th, 1893
Address delivered in Boston Music Hall. Wednesday evening, January 31, 1894
Speech; delivered before the first national convention, United Irish league of America, Faneuil Hall, Boston, Mass. Oct. 20-21, 1902
Address[es] at Bowmanville [and London]
The over-taxation of Ireland, With introduction, index, and tables , ed. by Alfred Webb
Mr. Blake's speech on the school bill : with analysis of amendments, &c, &c
Letter of the Hon. Edward Blake to the West Durham Convention; to which is appended correspondence as to the Inverary meeting
Canadian Pacific resolutions, Mr. Blake's reply to Sir Charles Tupper's explanation; thorough sifting of a  great scandal ...
The case for Ireland stated
Speech on the re-distribution of seats
Speech on the French language in the North-West
The Irish situation
Three speeches on the Pacific Scandal