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In memoriam: the late Joseph Eugène Bruno Guigues, Bishop of Ottawa
A Canadian political coin : a monograph / by William Kingsford
Early French settlements in America; read before the Society, March 4th 1874
Chateau Bigot : history and romance : historical sketch of the ruins of the French chateau, five miles from Quebec, on the road to Lake St. Charles, dating from 1750, with all the romantic memories which attach to it / by the author of Maple leaves
Report on emigration, 1874
Considérations sur l'organisation militaire de la Confédération canadienne
Au pilori; la trahison des chefs conservateurs démontrée par les témoignages recueili devant le Comité du Nord-Ouest
The unspecific scandal: an original, political, critical and grittical extravaganza
Quirks of diplomacy
Case and correspondence respecting the prices of books for school libraries and prizes, 1874
Alphonzo Stilletto's poetization of the incipient stage of the great Pacific Scandal, and of the celebrated speech of Lord Dufferin in reply to a health toast at a dinner given by the Halifax Club
A letter to the Hon. Oliver Mowat ... Attorney-General, on the government book depository in connection with the Education Department
Huntington's patent steam clothes washer and boiler combined
Circulaire au clerge sur le mois du Sacre-Coeur
Circulairen au clerge, aux communautes religieuses et aux pieux fideles du Diocese de Montreal
Christmas-Eve recitation in Kingston penitentiary, 24th Dec. 1874