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Capitulations and extracts of treaties relating to Canada : with His Majesty's proclamation of 1763, establishing the government of Quebec = Capitulations et extraits des traités concernant le Canada : avec la proclamation de Sa Majesté de 1763 qui éta
Northrop & Lyman Co.'s family recipe book 1800
Behold I stand at the door, and knock : Rev. III. 20
Lettres d'un etudiant. Introd. par G.-A. Dumont
A Brief account of the late revivals of religion among the Congregationalists and Baptists : in a number of towns, in the New-England States, and also in Nova-Scotia : extracted chiefly from letters, written by several gentlemen of unquestionable veracity
Ad Maiam nostram
Alberta and its ranching; interesting scenes depicting wild life in Alberta. Scenes among the cattle ranches and grazing lands ... The chief towns of Alberta illustrated.  Indian life in Alberta pictured in many characteristic scenes. From photos furnish
Sir, you are requested to attend the funeral of the late Andrew Wilson ...
Our life blood ebbs away; a plea for continental union, by Fidelis
The Justinian Pandects, their origin, progress and completion; paper read before the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec
God save the King / Benjamin Sulte
Our Canadian fatherland