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Historical souvenir, published on the occasion of the County's Jubilee Celebration, July 1-4, 1904
L'abondance et la prospérité, discours ... au Monument National, à Montréal, 6 février, 1904
Dundonald's indiscretions and disobedience ... speech in the House of Commons, June 24th, 1904, as reported in Hansard
Act of incorporation and amendments thereto and by-laws of the Board of Trade of the city of Hamilton
The dumping clause, with illus. by Sam Hunter
Newfoundland, with map. Information for intending emigrants. January 1904
Une famille de héros / par A. Gosselin ; extrait de la 'Revue catholique de Normandie'.
The new highway to the Orient, across the mountains, prairies and rivers of Canada
Statutes relating to or affecting St. James' Cathedral, Toronto, or the lands vested in the rector and church-wardens of St. James' Cathedral Toronto, as a corporation
In memoriam : Sarah Britnell, beloved wife of John Britnell
Le drapeau canadien-francais; azur, fleur de lis, castor, feuilles d'erable, ecusson: nos raisons, par F.A. Baillarge
The influence of surroundings on education, an address delivered at the Upper Canada College prize-day, October 14th, 1904
Some recollections of the early history of the Ontario Educational Association
The ideal summer trip
Synopsis of the provisions of an act to be passed by each of the provinces to simplify the procedure upon appeals to His Majesty in his Privy Council, and securing uniformity in the statutory enactments thereon
Municipal government; a letter to 'The World'.
Inebriate Reform Conference ...
How to deepen public interest in the library