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Speech on the South African war; Canadian intervention, &c. Ottawa, Tuesday, March 12, 1901
Speech on supply: the South African war. Ottawa, Tuesday, March 13, 1900
Speech of J.H.N. Bourassa on the Manitoba school question. Ottawa, Thursday, 12th May, 1898
Independence or imperial partnership? A study of The problem of the Commonwealth by Mr. Lionel Curtis
Henri Bourassa expose une des consequences de la guerre totale en repondant a la question: 'Que seront nos enfants'? Texte stenographie de la conference que Henri Bourassa a prononcee au Plateau a Montreal, le 10 fevrier, 1943 sous les auspices
Guerre du Sud-Africain: contingents canadiens; discours. Ottawa, mardi, 13 fevrier 1900
French and English, frictions and misunderstandings; a few reflections a propos of the mayoralty contest. With preface-letters from Mr. C.-H. Cahan, K.C. and Mr. J.-C. Walsh
Discours sur la guerre du Sud-Africain; intervention du Canada. Ottawa, mardi, le 12 mars 1901
La conscription
La Conference imperiale et le role de M. Laurier
Le budget; discours. Ottawa, jeudi, 3 mai 1900
Bonne entente; a word of cordial welcome and friendly explanation to our visitors
L'affaire de Providence et la crise religieuse en Nouvelle-Angleterre