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December lyrics
The agricultural instruction bill / speech delivered by the Hon. Martin Burrell ; 24th January, 1913
Parting at the pier / by Hamilton Wigle
An appeal for fair play for the Sikhs in Canada
Report of an investigation ordered by the Toronto Electric Commissioners into the conclusions of the City Auditor as to the financial position of the Toronto Hydro-Electric Distributing System
Annual report / Imperial Home Re-Union Association of Toronto
Freedom of debate and liberty of public discussion : speech / by the Rt. Honourable Sir Wilfrid Laurier, against the introduction of the closure in the House of Commons of Canada ; as proposed in a resolution moved by the Prime Minister, the Rt. Honouable
The Canadian Peace Centenary Association
Six lyrics of the higher life
Practice of Court of Common Pleas of the district of Hesse / by the Hon. Mr. Justice Riddell ...
To the graduates of Queen's
'Prospects'. [By] William Renwick Riddell.  [Address at the] annual dinner of the New York State Bar Association, Utica, N.Y., January 25, 1913
Chevalier de la Corne and the Carrot River Valley of Saskatchewan
Imperial relations
British Columbia : Canada's land of promise on the Pacific / issued by direction of Hon. W.J. Roche, Minister of the Interior
Au Grand Lac Victoria, étude historique et topographique
Canada and the navy : the real emergency : the Nationalist-Conservative alliance and some of its consequences : how British interests have been sacrificed to serve party ends ...
Splendid record of the Borden Government. Remarkable achievements of the Conservative Administration during the past two years. Statesmanlike speech of the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. R.L. Borden, at Halifax, Sept. 16, 1913. Naval policy clearly defined as
An English expedition to America in 1527