Other Inventory Designations

In addition to the three main inventories, there are 23 other non-standard inventory designations, most of which are unidentified or miscellaneous items (Unmarked 1, 5-16, Miscellaneous 1-3, 5 and 8, and Unidentified Frames 1-3), but there are also “SN 3” and “Folder 38,”on which there is currently no information. Another question that still remains is why there are so many gaps in the inventory sequences, particularly in the PT and RW inventories: according to the gaps, at least 90 inventory items used to exist, but either they never reached the Fisher Library or are no longer present. Some of the pieces from the PT inventory are now held by Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book Library, since they were purchased from Samuel on February 24th, 1992. All the pieces he sold are related to Yale’s other 1965 acquisitions, which were in fact acquired by Samuel with funds donated by E. J. Beinecke. Additionally, a small portion of the unused accession numbers may be accounted for by fragments in the 21 miscellaneous or unidentified inventory designations. As work continues, some of these fragments are identified and the appropriate collection is noted.

With thanks to Clare E. Barker for this collection description.